Our Aim…

Cancer Crusaders are passionate about the great work carried out by Royal Children’s Hospital and our aim is to raise money by fundraising amongst family and friends. We see how every cent donated helps to fund the fight against cancer in the youngest and most vulnerable members of our community. No money is used for expenses or any overheads at all, most products are donated that we sell so when you donate or support our functions your donation goes to funding the fight.

1. Educate

Most people are not aware of how many varieties of cancer effect our community. Our goal is to generate awareness of childhood cancers.

2. Raise Support

We rely on family and friends to spread our message. We have raised over $610,000 and are funding a brain tumour clinical trial project.

3. Help Kids

Our aim is to fund two years of research for the Royal Children’s Hospital’s valiant fight against childhood cancers.

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