Cancer Crusaders tour the Cancer Centre

On a windy Wednesday in August, the Cancer Crusaders were treated to a talk and tour of the Children’s Cancer Centre. Since their establishment just four years ago, Cancer Crusaders have raised more than $300,000 for the research, treatment and care of RCH cancer patients. The most recent project they’ve funded is the position of Brain Tumour Study Coordinator, a grant which is helping change the way children are diagnosed and treated at the RCH.

The morning began with a presentation about the ground-breaking work the Children’s Cancer Centre is doing for the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours, and featured presentations by Dr Michael Sullivan, Consultant Oncologist, Solid Tumour and Neuro Oncology, Katie Stanhope, Brain Tumour Clinical Trials Coordinator, and Allison Lamb, Clinical Trials Manager.

It was a wonderful opportunity to hear and see firsthand what a difference Cancer Crusaders are making at the RCH through the funds they raise. The tour then explored Level 2, the home of the Children’s Cancer Centre which includes the clinical offices, Day Cancer Centre and the Kookaburra Ward where patients are treated. This fantastic morning was a wonderful learning experience, and a true testament to the hard work and dedication of the RCH Auxiliaries.

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